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All You Need to Know About Dental Jewelry

As people increasingly seek personal satisfaction through physical beauty, dental jewelry has become more popular than before. To others, it is part of their cultural customs or habits that they adopt from a young age. In various parts of the world like North America, dental jewelry is a common practice, and the enthusiasm for this kind of ornament has greatly increased in the past century. While most people use dental jewelry for beauty purposes, others do it as a custom routine or to fit in.

However, dental jewelry is more common in areas where dental services are readily available and affordable. It is a practice adopted by middle and high-class individuals in society because most of them can afford to pay for the services. Some dental jewelry can be accessed from a normal dentist clinic, while some cannot. It all depends on the type of ornament chosen. That said, here is all you need to know about dental jewelry.

Types of Dental Jewelry

Below are the various types of dental jewelry available today:

Dental Tattoos

Dental tattoos and ornaments are popular amongst lovers of dental jewelry because of the ease and convenience with which they can be accessed. In fact, they are the only types of jewelry that are available in an average dental office. Dental tattoos can be classified into two categories. The first category includes temporary dental tattoos that require printing a colored image on an adhesive material meant for teeth.

Temporary dental tattoos are popular, especially for individuals who are just trying out dental jewelry for the first time. In case one is not so sure about getting a permanent tooth jewel, a temporary tattoo can serve the beauty purpose. The tattoo can be ordered via the internet and can be applied at home. The best thing about a temporary dental tattoo is that it does not pose any risk of tooth damage.

Secondly, there are more permanent or semi-permanent dental tattoos that require the services of oral health professionals. Professionalism is required in the application of such dental tattoos because they involve having an image placed on the dental crown. You can choose to have the image personalized if you wish to.

The process of having this type of tattoo takes place in two phases. During the first appointment, teeth are molded, and the crown has instilled the image of choice on its surface. After that, you will need to book a second appointment during which the dental crown will be placed in the mouth.


The Twinkle Jewel and Tooth Gems

Normally, twinkle jewels are manufactured from diamond or rhinestone. These can be done in a dental clinic or an aesthetics clinic as well. However, a dental clinic is more recommended than an aesthetics clinic. This is because dental clinics take the necessary precautions needed to make sure that dental infections are avoided. The use of sterilized instruments is of utmost importance during this procedure.

The best thing about twinkle jewels is that they require very little time to apply. The easy procedure makes it easy to apply the dental ornaments within minutes. First, the tooth is cleaned then dried out. The tooth is then etched to make it stick using an acidic chemical. Afterward, the tooth is rinsed, and the jewelry applied using glue. Caution must be taken to make sure that the glue used is biocompatible.

Unfortunately, the installation of such dental ornaments requires tooth surface alteration, which means that you will be risking losing your tooth altogether. Tooth alteration is necessary to ensure good adhesion. Additionally, the jewel protrudes from the tooth, which increases the chances of losing the tooth. The removal process of the ornament is not easy either. A dentist must cover the site with a thin layer of the composite to be able to preserve the tooth.

The Grill

Even though some individuals find grills to be attractive, they pose a great oral health risk. This is because they cause food accumulation in the mouth, which gives room for unhealthy bacteria to thrive. The hygiene problem can quickly lead to damage to the tooth enamel. Moreover, wearing a grill for long can cause speech-related problems. There have also been reported cases where such dental ornaments damaged the gum tissue.

Lingual Piercing

Some dental jewelry lovers may go to the extent of having a lingual piercing; however, these dental ornaments are highly discouraged by dental practitioners and professionals. Getting a lingual piercing means you risk having the lingual nerve damaged. Notably, it is almost impossible to treat a damaged lingual nerve.

A damaged lingual nerve can cause numbness and insensitivity, medically known as paresthesia. Other irreversible side effects such as premature tooth wear and fracture can be caused by this kind of ornament. Gum recession is also a possible side effect caused by the rubbing of an object against the gums during lingual piercing.

Precautions in Dental Jewelry

Dental jewelry is a huge concern in the health sector. This is because, in most cases, the procedures of dental ornament application are done at simple aesthetics shops whose employees lack the necessary dental knowledge to carry the procedures. In fact, research shows that 10% of dental problems arise from poor dental jewelry practices. That said, it is important to choose a dental professional to carry out dental ornament procedures for you.

Unfortunately, dental services have proven to be costly, especially for middle and low-class individuals. This has led to many people taking the short cut and getting dental ornaments from unauthorized people since they pay little for the services. However, such procedures have been known to cause various infections and health complications. Some types of dental ornaments such as oral piercings lead to the transmission of systemic diseases such as Hepatitis, Tetanus as well as HIV.

Wind Up

There is nothing wrong with enhancing physical beauty using dental jewelry. However, before settling on any type of dental ornament, it is important to make sure that you are dealing with a qualified dental professional. Secondly, confirm to see that all the equipment used during the procedure is thoroughly sterilized and that the surface is disinfected before the procedure begins. Lastly, always consult your plantation dentist if you have any concerns or doubts!